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Hi! I am Sadu, portrait and fashion photographer from Tallinn, Estonia.
Photography to me is an art of noticing.
Noticing the beauty of light, moments, emotions and catching them. 
Growing up in a family of artists, including my grandfather Kalju Suur - a well-known photographer in the soviet time, has taught me how to see beauty in simple things and how to use my imagination to push boundaries in what I do. 
Working with such talents as Filippo Caroti, Artur Wesolowski and Maiken Staak, has given me great amount of practical knowledge in fashion photography, light and it's aesthetics.
Additional studies in Photography department in Tallinn's Polytechnic School have given me strong basis of techniques. 
I have always been passionate about film photography, especially in black and white. I'm also captivated by industrial environments, architecture and geometric patterns. I often use these elements in my work.
I'm inspired by love, simplicity, creativeness and spontaneity.
I love to portray people when they are truly themselves, to really capture their souls. Everybody has a story to tell and it's really fascinating how unique and beautiful we all are. 
I'm thankful to be able to bring those stories to life that words cannot describe.

H tiim-14_WEB.jpg

Photo - Jane Vogt

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