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For Häppening Magazine

Muse - Ingrid Margus

Stylist - Kristin Liias

MUA - Liisa Tooming (Ilustuudio Mimoos)

Assistant - Greta Virves

AD/photos - Yours truly

Thank You Zara & Tali Disain

Ingrid Lindbergh-2_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-4_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-5_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-22_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-25_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-21_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-26_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-9_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-11_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-29_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-35_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-33_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-34_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-38_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-39_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-40_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-19_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-17_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-13_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-48_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-43_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-44_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-47_resize
Ingrid Lindbergh-24_resize
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